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Who we are

INFRONTECH supplies various industrial products and provides expertise in engineering, procurement and offers a wide range of consulting and advisory services.

We work with clients and partners at almost every stage in the industrial supply chain, and we have the experience and knowledge to provide reliable, cost-effective solutions.


Core values



We are led by our simple yet essential core values; in balance, they form the solid foundation upon which our business is built.


As a professional services company, our talented employees are the key to developing and sustaining relationships: they invest time with our clients, understand their businesses, retain that accumulated client knowledge and pass it forward, and ultimately, our people deliver the work that adds value to our clients’ businesses. We are committed to providing our employees with an inclusive environment and meaningful work through which they can make lasting contributions as they develop and grow their careers with us.



This core value is our client-focused value. It describes our objective to create and maintain ongoing business relationships with our clients. We deliver superior and measurable value that exceeds what our clients can find elsewhere. We serve as their advocates and support them in their global aspirations. In simplest terms, our “relationship” value establishes an expectation of service, trust, and business partnership.



We make decisions with fairness, honesty and integrity, holding ourselves and our colleagues accountable for high standards of conduct on each job we do throughout the world.

We also expect the companies we partner with to operate with a high level of integrity, and our corresponding Supplier Code of Conduct is applicable to those in our supply chain.



Take safety first everywhere you go. Our activities which include manufacturing, warehousing, office work, onsite servicing, sales and product development, make health, safety and environmental responsibility critical issues to us. Two of our principle commitments are to safeguard the health, safety and welfare of all employees and minimize our impact on the local and wider environment. Not restrict to ourselves, we respect and obey clients’ HSE policy and apply same standards on our suppliers.

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Our clients want to find the best sustainable solutions for their projects around the world. We help them do just that. We are dedicated to the advancement of safe and sustainable services for our clients and within our own company. Our core values guide our commitment to an ethical, relationship-based, and cost-conscious business — a sustainable business. We are continually improving and reinvigorating our efforts to be responsible stewards of the natural world as we contribute timely and efficient services and effective, tailored sustainable solutions for our clients. This is the best way we can save them money and help make their businesses successful. The work we do supports them in achieving their project goals – and in creating an enduring legacy.