Aug.2023 07
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Inspection for latest S style sofa & Chair
        In the China Paper Association Household Paper Professional Committee Director, Chairman of the China Paper Association, in the view of the industry should be transformed as a high-quality development of the "main position", to promote industrial greening, intelligence, recycling upgrades, to build new advantages in the development of the industry; R & D innovation as a high-quality development of the "main engine", from the product, intelligent, recycling, to the industry's healthy and sustainable, high-quality development. engine" for high-quality development, build core competitiveness of enterprises from different perspectives such as products, raw materials, equipment, etc., and cultivate new kinetic energy for development; take improving people's quality of life as the "main battlefield" for high-quality development, bear the social responsibility as a people's livelihood industry, and transform the development achievements into the quality of life to enhance the consumers' sense of gain, happiness and prosperity, and to improve the quality of life. We will continue to transform the fruits of development into the quality of life, enhance the consumers' sense of acquisition, happiness and security, and realize a new leap forward in development.