1. Undercarriage Parts

Relying on our metallurgical advancement and decades of application experience, INFRONTECH offers high-quality, dependable undercarriage replacement parts for Shovel, Excavator, Dragline.  We focus on improving performance and function but still maintain interchange ability with the OEM components.



INFRONTECH offers Manganese and Alloy Steel trackpads that are interchangeable with the OEM. For customers looking for that extra performance, some models can be upgraded to induction hardened alloy steel trackpads.


     ⇒MANGANESE  – Cost Effective Solution

Manganese trackpads are favored by P&H. They provide a cost effective material that gives good toughness and work hardening properties. INFRONTECH offers better quality product by technology innovation such as Blacsting Hardening, which could extend the working life.

     ⇒ALLOY STEEL– Good Strength and Stretch Resistance

Alloy steel track pads are used as they do not require deformation to increase hardness. The alloy properties have been chose to ensure minimal deformation in working areas of the track pad. To improve wear resistance and strength these pads can be induction hardened.

Alloy steel track pads are now mainly used by KOMATSU, CATERPILLAR (O&K), BUCYRUS and LIEBHERR.



Our advanced metallurgical, machining and assembling technology ensure the delivery of  premium replacement parts for your equipment.


2. Other HME Parts

Not restricted to undercarriage parts, we also supply other relacement accessories for mining equipment.




Relying on expertise in engineering and strong manufacturing bas, INFRONTECH provides customization production as per drawings.

We have customized Pump, AL Ingot Mould, Lid, Anode Yoke, etc. for mining, metallurgical and dredging industry.